Can Someone Please Explain the Different Shoe Widths for Men and Women and Why they Matter?

Shoe widths, indicated by letters and numbers, are crucial for a perfect fit, as Beck's Shoes highlights. They prevent foot problems like blisters and back pain. Men's standard width is "D," while women's is "B." Width options vary from narrow to ultra wide. For the best results, get professionally measured and try on multiple sizes.
Man Standing on Brannock Device Getting Feet Measured

You’ve peeked down at the tag, the tongue, the foot bed, or the sole, and noticed letters and/or numbers like B, D, 2E, 4E, 6E? What in the world do those letters and numbers mean?

You’re not alone! Most people don’t realize that shoes come in different widths. And even if you think you’ve got your shoe size figured out, width can be a whole new ball game (or should we say, foot game?).

“For years, I dealt with constant foot pain. I thought it was normal, until I got measured at Beck’s. Turns out, I needed a wide width shoe! Now, my feet finally feel happy!”

Beck’s Shoes Customer, Sarah M.

Here at Beck’s Shoes, we want to make sure you’re wearing shoes and work boots that fit you perfectly, not just in length, but also in width. So, let’s dive into the world of shoe width and why it matters!

Why Shoe Width Matters

Think about your feet. They come in all shapes and sizes, and width is a key part of that size. Ill-fitting shoes can lead to a number of problems, including:

By wearing shoes with the correct width, you’re ensuring your feet have the space and support they need to stay healthy and comfortable all day long.

The Breakdown: Men’s vs. Women’s Widths

Here’s the thing to remember about shoe width: the sizing system is different for men and women. For men, a standard width shoe is labeled with a “D.” For women, a standard width shoe is labeled with a “B.” So, a shoe labeled as a women’s 8 B is the same width as a men’s 8 D.

Here’s a quick guide to common shoe widths for both men and women:

Shoe Width Guide: Men vs. Women

Shoe Width Guide: Men and Women

Trying to find a shoe size chart for Lengths? Here’s the Beck’s Shoes Generic Shoe Size Conversion Chart

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Now that you know a little more about shoe width, how do you find the perfect fit? Here are a few tips:

  • Don’t rely on your old shoe size! Your feet can change size over time.
  • Get measured by a professional at a shoe store like Beck’s Shoes. We can measure both your foot length and width to ensure an accurate fit.
  • Try on both the length and width you think you are and the size up and down in width. This will help you dial in the perfect fit.

Finding the perfect fit can be tricky, especially if you have wider feet. At Beck’s Shoes, our experienced staff can measure your foot length and width to ensure you find shoes that provide optimal comfort and support.”

Beck’s Shoes Team Members

Visit Beck’s Shoes today and let our friendly team members help you find the perfect fit!

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