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Beck's Shoes 6th Annual Leadership Summit 2023: Jeff Nott Shares his Key Takeaways
Joel Habre, Justin Kehrwald, Josh Habre and Kim McKeown

Thank you to the entire Beck’s team for welcoming me back to the Beck’s Shoes Leadership Summit, held a few weeks ago, in Santa Cruz, California. This annual event represents the independent footwear channel at its best. Beck’s consistently exceeds expectations, creating an atmosphere which allows for open discussion and providing presentations which encourage people to reflect upon how they run their business and to consider new possibilities.

What makes this event exceptional are all of the independent retailers, along with the brands that support the Beck’s team, who have taken the time to venture out to Santa Cruz — and Julia and Adam’s willingness to share their ideas and goals with them.

At the two-day Summit, we heard about trust and recognition. I commend the awards showered upon many of Beck’s employees, recognizing and appreciating their contributions… (click link below to continue reading).

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