Beck’s Shoes Announces the Opening of New “Rack” Locations

Unbeatable Deals Await You in Boulder Creek and Gilroy!
Beck's Shoes Rack, Boulder Creek Exterior

Beck’s Shoes, a renowned footwear retailer, is thrilled to announce the launch of their new retail concept called “Beck’s Shoes Rack.” These Rack locations will serve as liquidation centers, offering customers the opportunity to purchase quality shoes at unbeatable prices, with discounts ranging from 35% to 65% off. The company’s overstocked inventory will be available at these Rack stores, making it a perfect destination for shoe enthusiasts looking for great deals. With two initial locations in Boulder Creek and Gilroy Outlets, Beck’s Shoes Rack is set to revolutionize the discount shoe shopping experience.

Expansion and Concept:

Beck’s Shoes has been rapidly expanding its retail presence, and the introduction of Beck’s Shoes Rack is a testament to their commitment to providing customers with affordable footwear options. The Rack stores will house a wide selection of shoes, including popular brands and styles, all priced significantly lower than traditional retail stores. This new concept aims to cater to customers who are looking for shoes for less without compromising on quality.

Customer Service:

At Beck’s Shoes, customer satisfaction is a top priority. This commitment to providing exceptional service extends to their new Rack stores as well. While the Rack locations focus on offering unbeatable deals on shoes, customers can still expect the same level of customer service that they would receive at any regular Beck’s Shoes store.

One of the key aspects of the customer service experience at Beck’s Shoes is their dedication to ensuring a perfect fit. All regular Beck’s Shoes locations offer 3-D scanning, measuring, and custom fitting services to help customers find the right size and style for their feet. This personalized approach to shoe shopping ensures that customers leave with comfortable and well-fitting footwear.

The employees at Beck’s Shoes Rack are trained extensively to provide top-notch customer service. They are knowledgeable about the available shoe inventory, brands, and styles, allowing them to assist customers in finding the perfect pair of shoes at the best price. Whether it’s answering questions, providing recommendations, or helping with fittings, the friendly and helpful staff at Beck’s Shoes Rack are always ready to go above and beyond to meet customer needs.

So, even though customers at Beck’s Shoes Rack are focused on getting amazing deals on shoes, they can still expect the same level of attentive and personalized service that they would receive at any regular Beck’s Shoes location. The combination of unbeatable prices and exceptional customer service sets Beck’s Shoes Rack apart from other discount shoe retailers.

With Beck’s Shoes Rack, customers can have the best of both worlds – incredible deals on quality shoes and the outstanding customer service that the brand is known for.

Locations and Availability:

Currently, Beck’s Shoes Rack has two locations, one in Boulder Creek and the other in Gilroy Outlets. These strategically chosen locations provide customers in those areas with convenient access to discounted shoes. However, considering the company’s rapid expansion, it won’t be long before more Beck’s Shoes Rack stores start popping up across the country. For customers interested in finding the nearest Rack store, a store locator feature is available on the Beck’s Shoes website.

Future Plans:

Beck’s Shoes is committed to expanding its network of Rack stores across the country. In the past few years alone, the company has acquired 11 businesses and established 14 additional stores, totaling 22 locations in six states! As part of their growth strategy, the company plans to open one Rack store for every ten regular Beck’s Shoes stores. This ambitious plan ensures that customers in various regions will have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of shopping at Beck’s Shoes Rack.

Stay Updated:

For the latest updates on Beck’s Shoes Rack, including new store openings and exclusive promotions, be sure to visit their website, find them on social media and sign up for the latest news, offers, and promotions by joining the “shoe crew“! By staying connected, customers can stay ahead of the game and never miss out on incredible deals. The recent “container sale” at the Boulder Creek location was a phenomenal success. Customers can look forward to more flash sales such as this!

Beck’s Shoes Rack is revolutionizing the discount shoe shopping experience by offering customers the chance to purchase quality shoes at significantly reduced prices. With their initial locations in Boulder Creek and Gilroy Outlets, Beck’s Shoes Rack is paving the way for convenient and affordable footwear shopping. Stay tuned for more exciting developments as they continue their rapid expansion across the country.

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[Beck’s Shoes Continues Rapid Expansion With a New Retail Concept Launching in 2023] (Footwear News Magazine Article)

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