Growing up in Australia meant long summers, time at the beach and plenty of opportunities to wear flip flops and sandals. When you’re younger, it doesn’t seem to matter if your shoes don’t fit perfectly or aren’t particularly comfortable as long as they look good!


The passion for designing and launching Revere Shoes was born from the endless opportunities discovered when listening to what customers were asking for:
  • Comfortable, supportive sandals and shoes, but I want them to look pretty.

  • Shoes that are good for my heel pain.

  • Something that fits and doesn’t hurt my bunion.

  • I have one foot longer and wider than the other, and I find it hard to find shoes that fit.

  • I want to wear my orthotics in sandals and shoes that don’t look and feel orthopedic.

  • I wear an AFO or other leg brace and want to wear other options other than athletic shoes.


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